Baked Lobster

Bake fresh lobster in your microwave using with the Rangemate Multi Cooker

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Beef Kabobs

Cook Beef Kabobs with grilled flavor.

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Baked Chicken

Cook Baked Chicken in your Rangemate Multi Cooker

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What is the Rangemate?

    The Rangemate is a microwave safe cooking grill that lets you grill, stir-fry, steam and bake foods right inside your microwave. It uses a patented technology that converts microwaves into far infrared rays, cooking foods at an extreme temperature. Whether fresh or frozen, meat or vegetables, the Rangemate cooks foods like no other cookware. It will change the way you view microwave cooking forever!

How does it work?

    Converts microwaves into far-infrared rays

    Just put your food, maybe chicken with vegetables, hamburgers, ,chicken breast, or anything else in the Rangemate, put the lid on, and heat for several minutes. It releases steam slowly as it heats, creating a high temperature steam effect. The ridged grilled surface helps cooks foods more like an outside grill, even leaving grill marks on chicken and steaks. How the Rangemate works

Perfect for cooking meals

    Cook your own meals

    The perfect cookware to go along with any microwave. Great for anyone who loves to cook at home. Cook up lunch and dinner without a stove or grill and get the same grilled taste. Non stick surface makes for easy use and clean up.

    Great for college students

    Most dorms only have microwaves and no stove except for common areas. Now with the Rangemate, students can cook up late night snacks inside their dorm room. Students can make healthy dishes to go with late night studying.

    Cook meals in your RV

    Use the Rangemate in your RV microwave and save gas costs by not using a stove. Great for smaller RVs that only have microwaves. Heat up instant meals and snacks like hot dogs and hamburgers while camping out. A great addition to any camp site.

    For road trips or truck drivers

    If your on the road alot or just taking a road trip, bring the Rangemate along and save money by cooking meals inside your hotel room. It will grill steaks and chicken inside your microwave with the taste of ano outside grill. Add vegetables together at the same time and make a full meal.

    How the Rangemate works


  • Oven cooked taste with the speed of a microwave
  • Patented technology keeps nutrients in when cooking
  • Grill, steam, poach, and bake in minutes.
  • Cook fresh or frozen foods in minutes.
  • Minimizes odors when frying foods.
  • Grill has a special non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
  • Converts electromagnetic waves into far infrared rays.
  • Made of BPA and PFOA free SPS plastic.

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